Woman’s Arm Snaps Horrifically As TV Arm Wrestling Goes Very Wrong


On a game show involving one helluva lot of arm wrestling what could possibly go wrong? I’ll tell you. This.

This is the moment two women went head to head on Iron Lady, an Argentinian TV show that puts competitors face to face in a series of physical and intellectual challenges on live TV, reports the Daily Mail.

The winner recieves a large cash prize and a brand new car however as live TV proves merely too often, shit can turn sour very quickly.

Just a few days ago, one participant by the name of Pamela had to go up against another gal in an arm wrestle and yes, the worst thing imaginable happened.

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It was going so well for Pamela. She was forcing her opponent’s hand down towards the table. Victory was just a matter of inches away. But then out of nowhere her opponent pushes back hard and SNAP – broken arm.

However, for me anyway, it isn’t necessarily the broken arm that’s the shriek conductor but the sound of the bone as it shatters – like an agonising corky bouncing from a cricket bat.

Unfortunately for Pamela the break was so bad that she will be requiring surgery on it in the near future – but boy did she take it like a champ when it first happened!


The show’s host, Chino Leunis, later posted to Twitter, writing:

Unfortunately Pamela broke her arm. She’s been put in plaster and tomorrow she’s going to be operated on. It’s a terrible shame and we will be attentive and help her.

It was a great shock for everyone involved, I can assure you. Live TV is a daily learning experience.

Hopefully Pamela will be back to her old self in the near future.