Woman’s Chilling Words Before Being Arrested For ‘Decapitating Man’

Mercer County Jail

A woman from Lerona, West Virginia has been arrested on suspicion of murdering and decapitating a man.

41-year-old Roena Cheryl Mills was reportedly covered in blood and inebriated when she was arrested by Mercer County deputies at a Lerona residence on April 1.

It is believed Mills murdered 29-year-old Bo White at his home on Easter Sunday. It is not yet clear whether he died before being decapitated or whether this was the cause of his death.

Mills reportedly left a severed part of the victim’s body in a wooded area. She had been spotted exiting the area – covered in blood – in the morning prior to her arrest.

According to the Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Mills refused to leave the residence and initially informed deputies the blood was due to her having cut two fingers. She then proceeded to claim she had been ‘attacked and had been thrown through a glass door.’

Deputy J.A. Conner described her appearance as being ‘covered in blood wearing a glove on her left hand, and she also had a pocket knife on the right-hand pocket of her pants.’ Reports show how she gave a false identity to officers.

Deputy Conner has stated how Mills was ‘staring off into the distance’ while conversing with someone she referred to as ‘daddy.’ Mills was detained and taken to the sheriff’s department. On the journey she reportedly kicked at the dividing wall and window of the police vehicle.

It was at this point she also made the following chilling plea:

You have to take me back and let me get my heads.

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Mills was transported to Southern Regional Jail after being found to possess narcotics. She was initially charged with obstructing and battery on an officer as well as possession. On the same day, Detective L.L. Addair was called to a residence in relation to the murder at approximately 4.30pm.

Bo’s decapitated body was discovered inside the residence as well as a bloodied glove matching the one worn by Mills at the time of her arrest.

A severed part of Bo’s body was found in the wooded area where Mills had been seen. Police have not given confirmation this was his head.

Detective Addair has said:

The investigation also revealed that the matching glove for the one that the accused was wearing when initially arrested was located in the victim’s bedroom.

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Mills was charged with second degree murder and is now in custody at Southern Regional Jail. Her cash-only bail is set at $210,000.

Mercer County Prosecuting Attorney George Sitler told Metro News:

Even though she’s only been initially charged with second degree murder because there was some initial doubt about premeditation, (the June) grand jury could certainly indict her for first degree murder.

Our thoughts are with the family of Bo White at this difficult time.

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