Woman’s Incredible Twitter Story About Literal ‘Sh*t’ Date Goes Viral


We all have an embarrassing story – but it takes a brave kind of person to share it on the internet.

That is why we’re thanking Twitter user @_blotty, because she just shared the ultimate embarrassing story, and it involves poo.

The story, told in 18 tweets, has been liked and shared thousands of times. And while there’s no confirmation that it’s actually true, it’s definitely a gripping story.

It starts off pretty simple:

And then it got a little weird…

And then it got even more weird.

At this point you start to feel bad for her, really.

Then, everything works out.

And finally, she finished off with a bit of advice.

So there you have it. The craziest story many of us have probably read.

You have to admit though, it takes real guts to tell a story like that, and she’s getting tons of support for it.

Well, we certainly hope this narrative is true, because it’s one hell of an entertaining story.