Woman’s Racist ‘ISIS Rant’ Brings London Bus To Standstill


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A London bus was brought to a standstill when one woman exploded into a racist rant aimed at two Muslim women.

According to the Mirror, the incident occurred on the 206 bus service to Brent Park superstores, near Wembley.

In the exchange, the woman, who has a child with her, consistently refers to the group as “ISIS b*tches” and repeatedly tells them to go back to their own country, adding: “I will pull back this long leg and kick you in your stomach.”

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The woman’s child can even be heard at one point asking ‘what happened?’ to which she replies: “What happened? What happened? ISIS got into our country, that’s what happened.”

During the war of words, the bus driver stops the bus multiple times and asks the women to relax, before eventually walking down the bus and threatening to kick everyone off if they continue.

The video, uploaded to Facebook by Mico Abrigo, has now been viewed over 750,000 times. He wrote in his post: “Yesterday I was out with my mum and this happens.”