Woman’s Sunburnt Legs Covered By Massive Oozing Blisters After 69 Mile Run


Prepare to writhe, cower, and gag as you gaze, or squint for use of a better word, at this woman’s legs covered in numerous pus filled blister sacs after a run in the sunshine.

As the sun shone down over the UK and a heatwave turned the population of this fine country into a sweating, moaning, and dehydrated mess – Julie Nisbet decided to go for a jog.

Now this wasn’t any ordinary jog, no. This was the 69 mile run from Carlisle to Newcastle along Hadrian’s Wall known simply as ‘The Wall’, reports the Daily Mail.


Even for dedicated runners such as Julie, The Wall is a gargantuan and crippling feat – taking her a mind-numbing 21 hours to complete.

However this isn’t the point of the story. What is, is that shortly after finishing the run Julie noticed countless little blisters on her pink sunburnt calves.

She ‘screeched in pain’, wrapped them in bandages, and headed to the hospital – but it was too late. The blisters only grew.

WARNING: Do not look at the next picture if you have a weak stomach.

Yep. At least seven monstrous sacs full of a sickening dark yellow pus fluid.

Even now, one week on, Julie is still in ‘agony’ – which is even more worrying because she told the Mail she took every precaution before embarking on her run.

She said:

I was wearing sun cream at the start of the race but hadn’t reapplied – sweat and water had pretty much got rid of what I had on the backs of my legs.

Hopefully the blisters will go away over the next few days and Julie will learn from her incredibly painful mistake before her next jog!