Women Are Naming Their Vaginas After Films Because 2016

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If you think of things that you name, a lot of stuff comes to mind: babies, pets, maybe even your car- but one thing you probably wouldn’t give a name to is your vagina.

But don’t tell that to the women of Twitter, who have decided to take part in a fun new game where they name their vaginas after the last film they saw. It sounds ridiculous, but the results are actually pretty hilarious.

It all started when the hashtag #nameyourvagina popped up in the Twittersphere:

And then when actress Margaret Cho decided to get in on the action, it pretty much blew up from there:

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[https://twitter.com/LorynAngeles/status/768213440988983296?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw/ conversation=”false”]

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I’ve gotta say my favourites have to be No Country For Old Men and Sausage Party.

Thank you Twitter, you’ve definitely made the world a more humorous place.