Women Bombard ‘Britain’s Sexiest Police Officer’ With Requests To Be Arrested

Sexiest police officerPA/Devon and Cornwall Police

A man labelled by many as ‘Britain’s sexiest police officer’ has once again been promoted, resulting in women bombarding him with requests to be arrested.

Jim Colwell was promoted to Chief Superintendent in 2016, a move which Devon and Cornwall Police wanted to congratulate him on via social media.

When they did though, the police officer was quickly inundated with requests from women to arrest them and visit their city so they could commit a crime.

Sexiest police officerDevon and Cornwall Police

Now, the police officer has secured another top position in the force and the congratulatory announcement made by Devon and Cornwall Police on social media has reignited people’s interest, Devon Live reports.

In 2016, when Jim was welcomed to the force, the congratulatory Facebook post read:

We are pleased to welcome Chief Superintendent Jim Colwell to lead frontline policing across Devon.

Rising from a bobby on the beat across Plymouth in 2001 to a member of the Force’s senior leaders, C Supt Colwell aims to sustain the professional standard of policing service across the county, as well as work closely with partner agencies to assist community policing across the county.

Jim joined the Force after graduating from Leicester University. He has extensive experience as a senior detective and is one of the Force’s key investigating officers.

Sexiest police officerPA

The post quickly went viral, attracting thousands of likes and comments from thirsty women who wanted nothing more than to get up close and personal with the police officer.

One person noted that ‘quite a few women would like to be ‘seriously investigated’ by this Chief Superintendent,’ while plenty others requested he be moved to police their area.

Another said she’d just committed a ‘heinous crime’ and needed to be arrested and put in a cell with him for the night, while another went to the effort of planning an entire ploy to get Jim to arrest her.

The woman wrote:

Ok here’s the plan. I’m going pretend to kidnap you and drive you all the way down here and I won’t stop driving until Mr Cutie comes and arrests me

The police officer has now secured another promotion, becoming an Assistant Chief Constable. A tweet about the promotion has already had several comments deleted, Devon Live reports.

Jim will take up the new position in July after he completes a strategic command course, and says he is ‘humbled’ to have been offered the permanent job.

Congrats, Jim!

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