Women Explain The Reasons Why They Fake Orgasms

Elite Daily/YouTube

“Was that good for you?”

It’s a question as old as time. For as long as guys and gals have been bumping uglies, men have wondered if their partners are enjoying the experience as much as they are (well, the considerate ones anyway).

Now Elite Daily have strived to find a definitive answer to the question of why women fake orgasms in the bedroom.

And, basically, it all boils down to two reasons, according to one of the video’s interviewees.

She explains:

Women only fake orgasms for one of two reasons – either they want you to feel better about yourself, or they want you to stop. If it took as much work to make a man have an orgasm as it did for a woman, there would be, like, no people.

And although some may claim ignorance is bliss, one woman in the video is of the opinion that it’s better to tell their partner that he’s doing it wrong or “he’s never going to know”, while others just explain their best acting tips. Each to their own, we guess.

But, hey, keep trying guys. Because practice makes perfect and all that…