Women In Japan Can Now Pay Handsome Men To Wipe Away Their Tears

Ikemeso Office

Ladies – have you ever wished that a hunky man would come to your place of work and wipe away your tears when you’re having a bad day?

Well, women in Japan are now in luck! For just 7,900 yen (£42 or $65) they can hire a handsome man to come to their home or workplace with a box of tissues and do just that.

The men are apparently trained in “therapeutic crying”, allowing them to tease tears from women’s eyes so, even if you’re not feeling especially upset, these attractive guys will actually sit and watch sad videos with you or chat about your troubles until the waterworks start.

The “hot men” are the primary product on offer at a brand new Japanese website called Ikemeso and women can choose from a variety of men with different personalities and looks, including “little brother” types and “bad boys”, apparently.

Ikemeso Office
Ikemeso Office

This is according to website RocketNews24 anyway, who also explained that the company name ‘Ikemeso’ is a play on words.

They wrote:

Ikemeso, the company that rents out the tear-wiping gentlemen, is a play on words. It combines ikemen (hot guy) with mesomeso (crying) into one perfect word to describe their business.

Ikemoso will begin running it’s unique service later this week. Oh Japan, never change!