Women Reveal How To Have A Successful First Date


Women have revealed the inner-workings of their mind to debunk some dating and sex myths.

One fledgling YouTuber hit Arizona State University campus to ask unsuspecting passers-by what they thought about sex and how guys should approach a first date.

You can see what they had to say in the clip below:

Awkwardly, the rookie YouTuber initially stumbled across a women who exercises her right to abstinence, making for a rather stunted exchange.

Asking her if she has sex on the first date, the woman simply responded:

No, because I don’t believe in sex before marriage and I believe that abstinence is key.

The second interviewee was more liberal in her views, saying she wouldn’t have sex on the first date but would rather wait a few months to get to know her partner better. Another said she’d never say never and it all depends on how the date goes.


Asked whether they worry about what men will think of them if they do have sex on the first date, one woman drew attention to the prevailing double standard between the sexes.

Offering some genuinely insightful advice, the women share some tips on how to have a successful first date – and some deal breakers.

One said she’d never hook up with a guy if he was ‘a dick to the waiters at a restaurant’ while most of the other participants were put off by ‘pushy’ guys who obviously wanted to have sex.


The video kind of confirms what everyone knows.

Meanwhile, the only thing I feel I’ve learned is how to not shoot a successful, well-produced YouTube video.