Women Take Wigs Off On This Morning To Prove Bald Is Beautiful

Women Take Wigs Off Live On This Morning To Prove Bald Is BeautifulITV

An all-women support group went on today’s live episode of This Morning to raise awareness for female baldness.

The support group, known as Panache and consisting of eight women, appeared on the show to raise awareness and confidence for other women out there who are suffering from baldness.

The culmination of the interview, which was conducted by hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, culminated in each member of the group taking off their wigs to proudly and confidently show that bald is beautiful.

For many women, hair is an important part of there identity, it’s a representation of their style, beliefs and, according to the ‘Women Warriors’ who appeared on This Morning, ‘a safety blanket’ for some.

Losing that part of your identity, no matter what age you are can be a traumatic experience, particularly as it is a process which is not under their control.

The loss of such an integral part of your identity can lead to one feeling low on confidence and becoming a recluse as they feel no one can understand what they’re going through.

It’s the reason why Panache was formed, which brought together 13 women between the ages of 11 to 74 who all have one thing in common, they suffer from baldness.

Elisha Appleby on This MorningITV

They’re making it their mission to raise awareness and show their new found confidence as an example for other women who are going through a similar experience.

Eight of the members appeared on This Morning to tell viewers their experiences and how Panache helped them through such a tough time.

One of the members, Elisha Appleby lost her hair when she was just 15 years old.

She told This Morning she had:

… always suffered from nose bleeds for years but they said it was stress. But really I’m not that much of a stress type of person.

Women Take Wigs Off Live On This Morning To Prove Bald Is BeautifulITV

She went on to describe how hair her began to come out in ‘clumps day-by-day’.

She went on to say the effect it had on her:

…was hard at first, I wouldn’t leave the house, I wouldn’t go to school. Just locked my way from everyone, even my family.

Women Take Wigs Off Live On This Morning To Prove Bald Is BeautifulITV

When she shaved of her hair in January Elisha described it as a:

… big shock because your hair is your main priority, you just love i. It brings yourself out and at the time I was actually shocked I was doing it. It took some time for us to actually do it but then I was happy once it was off but it’s the best thing I’ve done now, I love it.

Another member of the group, Carole Cavanagh, said Panache:

… raised everybody’s confidence, it’s tremendous, Panache has done so much.

Carole Cavanagh of Panache on This MorningITV

She said those going through female baldness are:

So isolated, there’s no support. Not in the North East, not even in the country, your doctors or clinical people will inform you.

On their website, the group say:

Panache group aim to raise awareness, support and empower women, men and children who suffer with hair loss.

We strive to give these Warriors their confidence back by bringing them all together and sharing their journeys with one another.

We want men, women, and children to know that bald is beautiful too, and that you’re 100% not alone on this journey, we are here for you.

Here at panache, we aim to bring the hair loss community together. We will be running wig workshops, makeup tutorials, health and fitness classes, cookery lessons, ceramic decoration, sewing sessions, social media training and other fun and useful activities.

Our vision is to create a hub for the hair loss community to feel comfortable, supported, find friendship and no longer feel isolated. We will also have counsellors on board.

Women Take Wigs Off Live On This Morning To Prove Bald Is BeautifulITV

If you’ve been inspired by the story of Panache you can find out more about the group by clicking here.

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