Women Twerk Over Coffin In Weirdest Funeral Ever

by : Francesca Donovan on : 14 Mar 2017 15:57

Everyone mourns in their own way, but these women have a rather unusual take on a funeral procession.


Footage shows a crowd gathering in the streets as a coffin passes through the hoards. Bizarrely, a woman straddles the coffin and twerks along with the reggaeton music blasting through the speakers.

The observing mourners do nothing short of encouraging her seductive send-off, lifting up her skirt to reveal her underwear and dashing water on her gyrating body.


Another women is quick to join the first, straddling the deceased in this presumed celebration of their life, as his coffin was driven through the streets atop a motorbike.


The video was uploaded to Facebook with the caption, ‘When Brayan dies’, reports the Daily Mail.

It is thought the footage was filmed in South America, and social media users have speculated it occurred in Venezuela or Columbia.


Meanwhile the rest of us are wondering what sort of guy Brayan was – a visionary? A maverick? A die-hard fan of reggaeton?

Whoever this man is, may he rest in peace after his unique send-off. After all, if you can’t express your uniqueness in death, when can you?

Francesca Donovan

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    Ashes to ashes, thrust to thrust! The bizarre moment two women TWERK over a coffin at a funeral as mourners slap their backsides and douse them in water