Work On Trainspotting 2 Has Begun In Scotland

by : UNILAD on : 13 Mar 2016 12:39

For those of you out there who thought a Trainspotting sequel was nothing more than a pipe dream, your concerns will disappear now we know that work is officially underway.


Director Danny Boyle made the announcement through a Facebook post on Humans of Edinburgh, where he revealed he had returned to the Scottish capital for the first time since filming the 1996 cult classic.

“We’re up in Scotland filming Trainspotting 2 just now. I think what I love most about what I do is the variety, and…

Posted by Humans of Edinburgh on Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Original cast members Ewan McGregor, Robert Carlyle and Jonny Lee Miller are all expected to appear in the new film, which is believed will be based on Irvine Welsh’s sequel Porno, released back in 2002.

No title or release date has yet been announced.


The original revolved around the lives of a group of heroin addicts living in Edinburgh during the late 80’s.

Quite a few news outlets had originally reported that filming had already started, but the Facebook page was quick to reject this.

Well I guess this is still better than nothing.

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