Workers With Certain UK Banks Won’t Be Paid Today

by : UNILAD on : 30 Nov 2017 12:48

You may want to double check your bank account today as your wages may be missing.


Workers across the country are furious after being left in limbo as their wages are nowhere to be seen with Christmas shopping to be done.

Although the money has left company accounts, it has failed to show in employees Lloyds, TSB, Natwest and Halifax bank accounts and people are not happy taking to social media to complain.

Lloyds Banking Group has responded in a series of tweets to disgruntled customers saying:


We’ve been made aware that some customers have experienced issues with this today & we’re currently looking into it. I’m afraid we have no further update at this time.

We’ve experienced delays overnight & work is underway to process all impacted payments today. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

The team have informed us that payments in and out of accounts should be made later today and will show the correct date when they arrive. If you’re negatively impacted by this, please let us know.

Unfortunately people have been made angrier by the response asking if there will be any compensation for the delay.

Twitter user RoboThespian wrote:

What is the situation re compensation for our workers who have not been paid due to Lloyds error this morning and end up incurring overdraft charges etc.

Maggie Whitehead complained:

What a ridiculous reply @AskLloydsBank. It wouldn’t matter what date the payment SHOWS, if it is too late to meet any already requested direct debits!


There is no currently explanation as to why the glitch has occurred but customers have been told they can expect the money to be paid into their account later today.

It hasn’t exactly been a great month for Lloyds who suffered from more technical problems earlier this year.

At the start of November customers were locked out of their accounts on online banking and the mobile apps.

When trying to access accounts, customers faced a wide range of issues including error messages which said they didn’t have an account with the bank.

The problem was resolved that day but from the look of today’s technical glitch, it doesn’t seem like everything is completely fixed for the banking group.

Yesterday Lloyds also announced that it was closing 49 of its branches across the country would would result in around 100 people losing their jobs.


The latest closure plans affect Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland branches and have come around, the bank said, as a result of more customers choosing to do their banking online.

A spokesman for the bank told The Sun:

Customers are increasingly choosing to use digital and mobile channels for their everyday banking needs.

As a consequence, the number of customers visiting some of our branches has declined in recent years.

In response, we have confirmed the locations of some branches which will close next year across Lloyds Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland.

Branches remain a key part of the service we offer to customers, and we continue to make significant investment in revitalising our network, shaping it to their needs.


Despite the closures, according to the banking group around 95 per cent of Lloyds customers and 90 per cent of Halifax and Bank of Scotland customers will still have a branch within five miles of their house.

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