Working With Orphaned Children Inspired This Man’s Brilliant ‘Sunset Selfies’

sunset fbJohn Marshall

One man has taken the internet by storm with a collection of ‘Sunset Selfies’.

John Marshall hit on the idea while living on Frye Island, in Maine, and it is the latest in a long line of creative projects for him.

He not only makes the images, but also captions them as well, and is fairly witty with it.

sunset1John Marshall

While I was watching the sunset tonight, I couldn’t stop blinking. “Hey. Do I have something in my eye?” I asked Keith, my chameleon friend. “Yeah,” Keith said. “It’s a bug.” “Can you get it out?” I asked.

The creations are held together by duct tape, with John clearly proud of the project.

He said:

As a writer, I spend too much time sitting down, so I love to step away from all that, get on the floor, draw something, cut it out, and go enjoy the beautiful sunset outside.

It’s a very organic process, like being a kid again.

sunset2John Marshall

When the grizzly bear said he had a frog in his throat, I didn’t know I’d need to reach in and rescue it.

sunset3John Marshalll

Today, I was enjoying a sunset banana down by the lake when the most amazing thing happened. All of a sudden, this warm breeze started blowing across my neck and it smelled just like bananas too.


When I finally got up the nerve to approach the beautiful mermaid down on the beach, a friend suggested I bring her a bouquet of roses. But I had a better idea.

After spending time in an Indian orphanage, John was inspired to create the selfies.

He added:

Living at the orphanage and volunteering with kids all over the world were powerful reminders that creative play is good for you, which is really what my Sunset Selfies are all about.

For anyone feeling old, I’d encourage you to get away from the computer, grab a pair of scissors, create a simple character, then go find your own magic.

As I’ve seen, when you squint into the sun, there are whole new worlds waiting to come to life.


The problem with Troll Haircut Day is the brutal monotony of it all. “Tapered to a point?” I asked for the 74th time.

Marshall claims he ‘loves’ the hands on experience he gets when making the selfies, and never quite knows that he’s going to get with the result.