Workmen Find ‘Largest Snake On Earth’ And It’s Terrifying


This is the incredible moment a group of construction workers found a mind-numbing 33ft long anaconda which was lurking in Brazilian caves.

The builders were absolutely terrified of the gargantuan beast which weighed an astonishing 63-stone, reports the Mirror.


The mythological creature was found after the workers carried out a controlled explosion in the Cave of Altamira in the northern state of Para.

A blurry video shows just how large the snake really is as it pans along the entirety of its enormous body leading many to suggest that this snake is the ‘largest on earth’.


Once they had found the creature, the builders tied the snake to a crane so that they could hoist it up – however, the move has sparked a fair bit of controversy and anger amongst animal lovers, claiming that there was no need to chain the snake up to a crane.

It is also thought that the builders may have killed the snake either during the explosion or afterwards considering the snakes head is rather flat in the video.

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