‘Burglar’ Gets Stuck In Chimney And Has To Be Removed By Firefighters

by : Cameron Frew on : 04 Oct 2019 17:07
'Burglar' Gets Stuck In Chimney And Has To Be Removed By Firefighters'Burglar' Gets Stuck In Chimney And Has To Be Removed By FirefightersCEN

A young boy’s grand plan to rob a house came crumbling down after he got stuck in the chimney. 


The boy was caught out at a property in the district of Albaicín in the city of Granada, located in the southern Spanish region of Andalucía.

According to local reports, emergency services were called to the home at around 8.50am after an eyewitness spotted someone trying to climb down the chimney – and it certainly wasn’t Santa Claus.

Check out the video of the kid below:


When police arrived at the home, all seemed quiet at first. However, they then heard someone screaming for help in the vents – at this point, it was clear they were going to need the fire brigade.

When the firefighters pulled up, there was a small issue – all the house’s doors were locked (probably the reason the young boy resorted to climbing down the bloody chimney).

They were forced to break into the property and dismantle part of the chimney’s stonework to remove the metal shaft to rescue the aspiring burglar inside.

'Burglar' Kid Caught In Chimney CEN 3'Burglar' Kid Caught In Chimney CEN 3CEN

The video shows firefighters attempting to help the soot-covered boy – whose name and age were not reported – take off some of his clothes after they managed to get him out of the chimney.

Of course, it was only after being rescued from his chimney-induced imprisonment that the child revealed he had been attempting to rob the home.

Shortly afterwards, according to local reports, the boy was arrested by police and taken to hospital for further checks – he suffered only minor injuries.

'Burglar' Kid Caught In Chimney CEN 2'Burglar' Kid Caught In Chimney CEN 2CEN

As it turns out, it’s not this young boy’s first foray into crime – he actually already has a criminal record, but his past indiscretions are not known.

It’d be wise for the young boy to curb his desire for crime quickly, or he could end up like Christopher Hastings.

The 40-year-old was arrested for a burglary back in May this year. He reportedly entered a house in Leeds while the residents were asleep and stole a rucksack that contained a bank card, a national insurance card, mobile phones and tickets worth £1,000.

Burglar's house burgled while he was in jailBurglar's house burgled while he was in jailWest Yorkshire Police

However, he got a taste of his own medicine. As reported by Leeds Live, Richard Reed, who was mitigating at Leeds Crown Court, said Hastings had been burgled himself.

Reed said: 

He now knows what it is like to be burgled. His property has been cleaned out. Obviously has some insight now to know what it is like to be on the receiving end.

Let’s hope the young boy sees the incident as a major life lesson: don’t burgle.

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