Krakow Named Best City Break Destination For Third Year In A Row

by : Cameron Frew on : 05 Nov 2019 08:08
Krakow Named Best City Break Destination For Third Year In A RowKrakow Named Best City Break Destination For Third Year In A RowPixabay

Whether you’re looking for a picturesque getaway or somewhere cheap to get the pints in, we’ve got just the location – Krakow has been voted the best in place Europe for a city break. 


Beating the likes of Prague, Amsterdam and Berlin, the Polish city is the go-to holiday destination for Brits.

That’s according to a new survey from consumer group Which?, awarding Krakow a score of 93% as well as a five-star rating for value for money – the only city in the whole of Europe to do so.

Krakow, PolandKrakow, PolandPixabay

What’s not to love, really? You can explore the cultural richness and history the city offers, such as the underground salt mines and tours to Auschwitz. You can also get a meal for under £7 and a pint for less than £2 – yeah, I’m booking tickets right now too.


The Which? survey rated cities on a range of criteria: average airfare, average hotel rate, accommodation, food and drink, cultural attractions, shopping, ease of getting around, lack of crowds and value for money.

Here’s the top 10, and their score, as per the survey: 

1. Krakow, Poland – 93%
2. Seville, Spain – 90%
3. Valencia, Spain – 89%
4. Berlin, Germany – 88%
5. Amsterdam, Netherlands – 86%
6. Budapest, Hungary – 86%
7. Munich, Germany – 86%
8. Venice, Italy – 86%
9. Verona, Italy – 85%
10. Bordeaux, France – 85%

Krakow, PolandKrakow, PolandPixabay

Ranked second is Seville, Spain, just missing the mark with a score of 90%. At the very bottom of the rankings is Alicante, Spain – with a score of just 72% and a value for money rating of only three stars, it’s unsurprising (still, I wouldn’t say no to a trip).

The survey is based on 4,700 people who travelled between April 2018 and April 2019. For three years in a row, Krakow has topped Europe’s cities.

Krakow, PolandKrakow, PolandPixabay

Rory Boland, Which? Editor, said in a press release:


With a palace on every corner and a plate of pierogi and a pint of Pilsner costing under £10, it’s no wonder Krakow continues to top our survey. To those holidaymakers still stuck on Amsterdam, Paris and other classic European destinations, try Poland for your next trip to find food, hotels and sightseeing that’s just as good but at half the price.

If you want to see how to spend a day in Krakow for £20, check out the video below:

You can see the rest of the cities on the list, and their scores, below: 

11. Lisbon, Portugal – 85%
12. Granada, Spain – 84%
13. Helsinki, Finland – 84%
14. Madrid, Spain – 84%
15. Oslo, Norway – 84%
16. Porto, Portugal – 84%
17. Stockholm, Sweden – 84%
18. Vienna, Austria – 84%
19. Athens, Greece – 83%
20. Barcelona, Spain – 83%

Barcelona SpainBarcelona SpainPixabay

21. Bruges, Belgium – 82%
22. Copenhagen, Denmark – 82%
23. Florence, Italy – 82%
24. Bologna, Italy – 81%
25. Funchal, Portugal – 81%
26. Prague, Czech Republic – 81%
27. Rome, Italy – 81%
28. Salzburg, Austria – 81%
29. Nice, France – 80%
30. Paris, France – 80%
31. Warsaw, Poland – 80%
32. Malaga, Spain – 79%
33. Bergen, Norway – 78%
34. Valetta, Malta – 78%
35. Cologne, Germany – 77%
36. Dublin, Republic of Ireland – 77%
37. Dubrovnik, Croatia – 76%
38. Naples, Italy – 75%
39. Palma de Mallorca, Spain – 75%
40. Reykjavik, Iceland – 74%
41. Brussels, Belgium – 73%
42. Milan, Italy – 73%
43. Alicante, Spain – 72%

Time to book a getaway before the Christmas rush.

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