Two Men Found Walking Streets In Spain With Severed Penis In One Month

Costa Del Sol penisesWikimedia

Police have been left baffled after two men have been found walking the streets of Spain with severed penises, in separate incidents in the space of a month.

A man was rushed to hospital on Saturday (April 6) after police discovered him walking the streets of Benalmádena, Costa Del Sol, with a partially amputated penis.

Doctors discovered the man’s penis had been knotted with shoelaces and rubber bands of hair, while his neck showed signs of suffocation.


The man, believed to be Spanish and aged between 30 and 35, was also bleeding from his head, appearing dazed and confused.

According to Diario Sur, at first he claimed to be an alien named Sergio, then Rafael and finally a woman called Naomi.

The report adds the man’s story also changed, as he claimed he had been bitten before saying he might have done it himself.

Doctor giving patient diagnosisGetty

An investigation is currently underway into the incident, and the man’s fingerprints have been taken in an attempt to assert his identity.

Diario Sur confirms no signs of alcohol or drugs were found in the man’s system:

Although everything indicates that he suffers from some type of imbalance or mental disorder, the truth is that there is no evidence that he was assisted in the psychiatric service of the Clinical Hospital, nor that he has a record of this nature in the Andalusian Health Service, all at the expense of being identified in a reliable manner by the police.

Another hypothesis that has been handled was that it had consumed some type of narcotic, such as pirovalerona, better known as ‘cannibal drug’, named for its devastating effects, which, in extreme cases, reach self-harm. However, the patient has tested negative for alcohol and drugs.

Undergoing surgery, the man’s condition is now believed to be stable but it is unclear whether doctors were able to save his penis.

The case is similar to another bizarre incident which only happened last month in Zaragoza, the capital city of the province and autonomous community of Aragon, Spain.

As reported by Diario Sur, a 33-year-old British man was found walking around covered in blood on March 8. His penis had been amputated.

Doctors managed to reattach the genital which is believed to have been cut off on purpose. Police arrested the man’s roommate after learning the Brit had advertised online for someone to mutilate him.

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