Woman Stabs Husband To Death After He Forgets To Buy Chicken Legs For Dinner

woman stabs husband chicken legsKan Kan News

A woman allegedly stabbed her husband to death when he forgot to bring home some chicken legs for dinner.

In the West Village of Qijiang County in China, Luo Shouchun allegedly killed her husband Wu Shochun on April 13 when he returned home empty-handed.

As reported by Anuhi Public Channel, it is believed Lou grabbed a fruit knife from the kitchen during an argument with her husband.

woman stabs husband chicken legsKan Kan News

Wu’s mother told the news outlet her son was asked by his wife to bring home some chicken legs for dinner on his way back from socialising.

Forgetting to do so, the couple supposedly started quarreling at home with the website adding ‘after the two went downstairs, the contradictions further intensified and they wrestled’.

He Chanying, Wu’s father, rushed into the house when he heard his granddaughter shouting from the window, discovering his son lying in a pool of blood.

chinese couple stabbed husband chicken legsKan Kan News

Anuhi Public Channel describes Wu and Lou as ‘originally a happy family’ with their two children.

According to Wu’s family, Lou had become spoiled after marriage and ‘it was this pampering that made her temper worse and worse’.

The pair constantly argued, often about the caretaking responsibilities of Wu’s elderly mother, and allegedly last month Lou destroyed her husband’s car.

chinese couple stabbed husband chicken legsKan Kan News

Earlier this week 69-year-old Patricia Hill was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 16 years in prison for killing husband after discovering porn on the television bill.

Jefferson County prosecuting attorney Kyle Hunter confirmed to People Hill was convicted on Tuesday (April 23) for fatally shooting her husband Frank, 65.

She was arrested and charged in July last year after she shot Frank twice at their home in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Operations Commander, Major Lafayette Woods Jr., stated in a press release while speaking with investigators Hill revealed she had confronted Frank after noticing a pornography channel had been repeatedly added to the satellite television bill.

Major Woods said:

Mrs. Hill told investigators that there had never been any physical altercations between her and her husband. However, Mrs. Hill stated that she disagreed with her husband’s purchase of video pornography via the television guide, which she cancelled upon discovering the purchase but Mr. Hill managed to place a subsequent order.

Mrs. Hill stated that she entered the shed and asked her husband to leave but he refused. Mrs. Hill admitted that she then returned inside the residence, where she armed herself with a .22 caliber pistol.

She went back to the shed a short time later, where she entered and shot her husband twice, striking him once in the leg and once in the head.

Hill rang 911 herself from the home to report the shooting.

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