World Of Warcraft’s Duskwood In Unreal Engine 4 Is Pretty Creepy



I’m sure most of you crazy kids remember Duskwood. It was a zone in World of Warcraft, filled with ghosts, ghouls, and all manner of beasties. 

This foggy, forgotten realm has just been given the Unreal Engine treatment by YouTuber Daniel L, who’s on a mission to recreate all the classic Eastern Kingdoms zones in shiny HD.

Naturally, it looks as creepy as you might expect. To be honest it wouldn’t look entirely out of place in a horror game. I could totally see some kind of creepy demon jumping out of the shadows to gobble up my lungs, or something equally grim.

Check out an early build below, which takes us on a whistle stop tour from the town of Darkshire to Raven Hill. Two places every self respecting goth would give a year of their life to call their home, I’m sure.

In other news relating to people who like to fuck around with World of Warcraft, the admin team behind the private vanilla server Nostalrius are actually in talks to meet with Blizzard soon.