World’s Dumbest Criminals Caught After Taking This Selfie

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Michael-Calvert-and-Steven-Moore-were-arrested-soon-after-their-arrival-at-Gorey-Harbour (1)Michael-Calvert-and-Steven-Moore-were-arrested-soon-after-their-arrival-at-Gorey-Harbour (1)

This is the ridiculous moment that two drug traffickers posed for a selfie, as they celebrated a heroin drug smuggle worth almost a quarter of a million pounds. 


Michael Calvert and Steven Moore, both from Liverpool, took a snap while they were sailing into Jersey with a massive heroin haul worth £224,000, stuffed in a sock.

The Mirror reports that once they arrived they decided to go for a cheeky drink at a pub on the island to celebrate their success, but they were soon apprehended by undercover police. Doh.


Calvert, 37, and Moore, 39, have now been sentenced to a combined prison term of 15 years.


Going by the quality of selfie, it looks like they’re not the sharpest tools in the shed and the fact they’ve managed to get convicted almost 180 times between them pretty much sums up their criminal incompetence.

Detective Inspector Steve Langford, who led the operation, codenamed Operation Optic, echoed these sentiments. “While they are an organised crime group they are not the most sophisticated. The photo on the boat says it all, really,” he said.


Jersey’s Royal Court heard how the pair hired a boat in northern France to sail to Jersey. Calvert stayed on the island and met Moore as he docked at Gorey Harbour on February 19th.

Following a month-long surveillance operation, sixteen undercover officers pounced on the ‘dynamic’ duo.

Calvert told officers as they arrested him: “I knew this was going to happen, I fucking knew it. You lot have been following me for weeks.” Well if you knew that, surely you would have not done this? Fuck sake guys.


Moore admitting importing heroin as well as small quantities of oxycodone, Subutex and cannabis. He was jailed for seven years and four months.


Calvert pleaded guilty to one count of importing heroin, receiving a sentence of eight years in prison.

Delivering the court’s sentence, judge William Bailhache told them: “You both knew the score and took your chance, and unfortunately for you, it did not pay off.”


You can say that again!

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