World’s Hottest Chilli Goes On Sale In UK Today

by : Tom Percival on : 20 Jul 2016 10:12

Spice fiends are in for a fiery treat because the world’s hottest chilli arrives in UK supermarkets today.

Those brave diners seeking a spicy treat can buy the Carolina Reaper, which according to the Guinness Book of Records is officially the hottest chilli in the world, from Tesco starting today, The Guardian reports.


The Reaper is in fact so spicy that customers have to wear gloves when handling the pepper to stop it burning your skin. I’m pretty sure that makes it basically lava.

giphy (8)
giphy (8)

Phoebe Burgess, a Tesco chilli pepper buyer, said:

The Carolina Reaper is absolute meltdown material – it’s one for absolute hot food connoisseurs.

Despite it being astonishingly hot it also has a wonderful fruity taste. Only a sliver is needed to add exciting flavour to your favourite curry.


The Carolina Reaper scores a whopping 1.5 million Scoville units, the scale by which chillies are judged, which makes the pepper hotter then some police pepper sprays.

giphy (7)
giphy (7)

For comparison, the previous record holder, the Komodo Dragon Pepper, only measured 1.4 million Scoville and yet customers at Tesco enjoyed the heat so much that they demanded an even spicier chilli.

As exciting as Tesco selling weapon’s grade chilli is, I can’t help but wonder whether Tesco have an ulterior motive for selling the pepper.


If it’s really this spicy, surely milk and toilet roll sales are about to go through the roof?

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    UK shoppers to feel the heat as world's strongest chilli hits the high street