‘World’s Least Intimidating’ Gangster Arrested, Internet Destroys Him

by : Julia Banim on : 15 Feb 2019 17:09
Police picture of gangster gets laughs.Police picture of gangster gets laughs.Fresno Police Department/Facebook

Usually, the arrest of a gang member brings a sense of relief to the surrounding community, who can finally breathe easily now the felon’s reign of terror has been cut short.


However, when the Fresno Police Department announced the arrest of a Bulldog gang member, nobody was quaking in their boots at the sight of the gangster in question.

The pictured suspect, 19-year-old Joseph Rivera, was arrested on charges of possessing a stolen, loaded firearm. After being detained by detectives, it was found Rivera had the firearm in his pocket.

Despite being an adult who is suspected of a serious offence, Rivera looks way younger than his 19 years. And he certainly doesn’t look anywhere near as intimidating as his arrest might suggest, The Chive reports.


Fresno Police Department’s now deleted Facebook posted from February 6 read:


On February 6, 2019 detectives from the Multi Agency Gang Enforcement Consortium Metro Tactical Team conducted a probation search in the 7000 block of W. San Bruno and later arrested Bulldog gang member Joseph Rivera for being in possession of a loaded stolen firearm.

The suspect had the loaded stolen firearm in a pant pocket when he was detained by detectives. Rivera was at the residence with three other Bulldog gang members who were on felony probation. One gang member had an outstanding felony probation warrant. The other two gang members were arrested for felony probation violations.

The post concluded:

Suspect Rivera was booked into the Fresno County Jail. The three other gang members were booked into Fresno County Juvenile Hall.

People mock arrested gangster.People mock arrested gangster.Fresno Police Department/Facebook

Despite the serious nature of the post, commenters had a field day with Rivera’s youthful appearance, subjecting the pint-sized Godfather to a relentless comedy roast. And some of the digs got pretty creative.

One individual suggested:

The gun was found in his pocket along with 3 Spiderman action figures , some goldfish ,a few Legos and a purple crayon.


Another chuckled:

What neighborhood gang does this boy claim? Sesame street? Or Daniel tigers neighborhood?

People mock arrested gangster.People mock arrested gangster.Fresno Police Department/Facebook

One person joked, ‘Along with the gun they also confiscated marbles, a slingshot, Sidewalk chalk, and a frog from his pockets’, while another questioned, ‘Did he get busted on Paw Patrol?’

Others took aim at Rivera’s decidedly unthreatening bowl cut hair do, drawing comparisons with Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber. Ouch.

People mock arrested gangster.People mock arrested gangster.Fresno Police Department/Facebook
People mock arrested gangster.People mock arrested gangster.Fresno Police Department/Facebook

Not exactly the menacing, gangster image a gang member might want to project…

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