World’s Oldest Beer Factory May Have Just Been Unearthed In Egypt

by : Cameron Frew on : 14 Feb 2021 10:15
World's Oldest Beer Factory May Have Just Been Unearthed In Egyptmoantiquities/Facebook/PA Images

The world’s oldest beer factory may have been unearthed in Egypt.

The supposed brewery was found in Abydos, an ancient burial ground in the desert west of the Nile River, more than 280 miles south of Cairo. It’s one of Egypt’s most prominent archeological sites.


Thanks to the efforts of a joint Egyptian-American archaeological mission, the discovery is speculated to be the oldest high-production brewery in the world.

Egypt Brewery 3Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities/Facebook

According to Dr. Mostafa Waziry, the secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, the brewery could date back as far as King Narmer, who reigned over the country in 3100 BC. Narmer is credited by many scholars with unifying Egypt and founding the First Dynasty.

As per a Facebook post from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the unearthed factory consists of ‘eight large sections with an area of ​​20m length x 2.5m width x 0.4m depth, which were used as units for beer production’.

Egypt Brewery 2Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities/Facebook

The post adds, ‘Each sector contained about 40 earthenware ponds arranged in two rows to heat the mixture of grains and water, and each basin is held in place by levers made of clay placed vertically in the form of rings.’

The dig was headed up by Matthew Adams of New York University, and Deborah Vischak, assistant professor of ancient Egyptian art history and archaeology at Princeton University.

Egypt Brewery 1Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities/Facebook

Adams said the brewery could have been producing up to 22,400 litres of beer at a time. At the time it was built, it may have been specifically set out for supplying the ‘royal rituals that were taking place inside the funeral facilities of the kings of Egypt’.

As part of the excavations, archeologists found evidence for the use of beer in sacrificial rites. While the factory was roughly found in the early 1900s, its location wasn’t precisely determined, with the newest expedition able to uncover its contents.

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Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities/Facebook
  1. Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities/Facebook