World’s Rarest Passport So Obscure, There Are Only Three In Existence


We’re all familiar with the little purple book that is the passport – it allows to us travel around the world…

There is one, though, that is incredibly rare – it’s not even accepted in the United Kingdom, the United States or New Zealand.

With only one permanent passport issued at any given time, Sovereign Military Order of Malta are thought to have the most obscure passport of its kind in the world.


The Catholic order, which had its sovereignty recognised by Pope Paschal in 1113, is one of the oldest institutions in Christian civilisation, according to the Independent.

The order is reportedly considered a ‘neutral, completely apolitical body that predominantly concerns itself with humanitarian issues’ – at the moment, it is ‘heavily involved in providing medical assistance to refugees crossing the Aegean Sea to Europe’.

The only permanent passport it issues is to its highest officer – the Grand Master. There are only twelve individuals who also hold temporary passports for the length of their five-year term.


These positions include the Grand Commander, the Grand Chancellor (Prime Minister) and the Grand Hospitaller.

The order also has diplomatic relations with 106 countries as well as the European Union.

So there it is – in case that one comes in the pub quiz.