Worldwide Airport Chaos After Check-In Systems Fail

by : UNILAD on : 28 Sep 2017 11:47

Passengers around the world are having to go through major disruption at airports after computer check-in systems crashed.


The problems have been reported in many major airports around the world including London Gatwick, Charles de Gaulle in Paris, Reagan Airport in Washington DC, Changi in Singapore as well as airports in Johannesburg and Zurich.

The knock-on effects of this crash are still unknown but passengers affected by the crash are enduring major delays, reports The Telegraph.

The crash happened at 10.30 this morning (Thursday) and is affecting all services which rely on the Amadeus Altea software, which is used by multiple airlines.


Gatwick have only described the situation as a ‘momentary I.T. glitch’ and will not cause any delays.

They have reported that the systems are now back up and running.

The full statement reads:

This is an airline issue, not an airport issue. This isn’t Gatwick software, it’s hit a few airlines’ check-in systems which are down.

They are using Altea software and there are several airlines that use the same software for check-in and it’s that which is affected.

They cannot check the passengers in.

The current airlines affected are not currently confirmed.

Passengers are also reporting issues with online check-in, preventing them from completing their check-in processes.


Social media is filling with complaints to numerous airlines with reports of massive queues in airports as the issue is dealt with.

More issues are being reported at Melbourne Airport, Baltimore/Washington International Airport and Faro Airport in Portugal.

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    Worldwide airport chaos after computer check-in systems crash