Worrying New Details Emerge About Mysterious Death Of British UFO Hunter

by : Emily Brown on : 05 Aug 2018 20:29
British UFO hunter Max SpiersBritish UFO hunter Max Spiers

New details about the mysterious death of UFO hunter Max Spiers have caused confusion and worry for the Brit’s family. 


The conspiracy theorist died in 2016, and much like the entire subject of UFOs and alien life, his death was shrouded in mystery.

Before he died, the 39-year-old was reported to have been probing into the lives of well-known figures in politics, business and entertainment.

Max had gone to Poland to visit a conference, and it was there that his body was found by a friend.

British UFO hunter Max SpiersBritish UFO hunter Max SpiersMax Spiers/Facebook

The UFO hunter’s body was returned to Britain, where doctors at a Margate hospital were not successful in determining the cause of his death.

Max’s case was taken to court in December 2016, where it was said that the UFO hunter vomited two litres of ‘black blood’ before he died. However, the inquest was adjourned.

Authorities in Poland initially concluded that the Brit’s sudden death was due to natural causes, but recent details that have emerged make that ruling appear more questionable.

The inquest will now take place in January next year, but a pre-inquest review took place yesterday in Guildhall in Sandwich, Kent.

The father of two had reportedly made a lot of enemies throughout his time investigating conspiracies. Before he died, Max sent a shocking text to his mother.

The text read:

Your boy’s in trouble, if anything happens to me, investigate.


The conspiracy theorists’ mobile and laptop were returned to his family following his death, but for some reason both had been wiped.

The barrister for Max’s mother, Adam Taylor, expressed his concern at this strange occurrence.

He said:

The way in which they were returned and what was done to them is clearly one of the big mysteries.

The family has no knowledge whatsoever of what the results of that analysis were.

Mr Bates’ laptop was wiped and, of course, it was not empty at the time of Max’s death. The issue is the Sim card and what was on it. Without sight of the report the family has no answer to these questions.

At the pre-inquest review, the court heard that analysis of the laptop and mobile should be presented at the inquest in January.

Members of the Polish emergency services have also been requested to appear in court, and sections of a 700 page docket of evidence will be translated from Polish for the inquest.

Max’s mother Vanessa has revealed her theory behind her son’s strange death.

She said:

I think Max had been digging in some dark places and somebody wanted him dead.


According to the Metro, following the pre-inquest review Vanessa said that she now felt more positively about the case.

British UFO hunter Max SpiersBritish UFO hunter Max SpiersMax Spiers/Facebook

She explained:

Today felt very positive. It’s just over two years now. I did not expect him to go to Poland and not come back. We’ve got hundreds of pages we are working our way through which are all in Polish.

It’s been difficult but gradually we’ve worked our way through. There certainly was some mention of that from the Polish side.

We’ve still got stuff that are not translated and I think when we get to the inquest we will know more about whether police procedures were or were not followed.

Vanessa continued:

I think it is going to be very difficult to get the Polish witnesses over here.

He should be here. He was very fit and healthy when I said goodbye to him. Everything that we have in terms of health records before he went were that he was in great health. This was an enormous blow. I miss him dreadfully.

Hopefully there will be some light shed on Max’s unexplained death in the upcoming inquest, giving his family some semblance of closure.

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