Worst Mum Ever Absolutely Terrifies Her Kid With Cruel Prank



A video that has recently been doing the rounds has split opinion online due to the cruel nature of it, and how young the ‘prankee’ is.

The video, recorded by self-proclaimed ‘worst mom ever’, shows the moment her daughter is knocked off her feet with terror when some sort of screaming devil woman pops up on the TV and gives her the fright of her life.

She takes the scare so badly that she literally catapults herself a couple of meters across the room before the camera cuts off. We can only assume she was immediately taken to the loo.

In the original video, which was uploaded to Facebook by the girl’s mum, Milian Lee, she explains that she had set up the prank after her daughter claimed she wasn’t scared of anything.

However, this only fuelled the negative feedback, with one woman responding: “My children have told me they’re not scared of anything and I haven’t resorted to this. It’s quite cruel. No, I’m not calling her a bad mum, she just made a stupid choice.”

What do you think?