WW2 Bombers Set To Fly Over London To Mark The Official Ending Of The War

by : UNILAD on : 15 Aug 2015 11:06
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Today marks the 70th anniversary since the official ending of World War Two, and to honour that, Bombers are set to fly over London.


The war in the West may have essentially come to a standstill by that point, but it was still raging in the Far East, with 30,000 British soldiers dying and 12,500 being held as prisoners of war.

Bombs were dropped by the Americans over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, forcing the Japanese to surrender, and calling an official end to the war.


Vice Admiral Peter Wilkinson, President of the Royal British Legion claimed:


Over the years, veterans who served in the Far East after Victory in Europe was announced three months earlier have expressed that they often felt overlooked or forgotten.

While people were celebrating at home and returning to normal lives, those fighting in the Far East were still at war.

The Queen, along with high ranking military officials and politicians will all attend the events today, as will veterans from the campaign in the Far East, with an 11am start scheduled.

A church service, a military parade and wreath laying will all take place, before a reception at Westminster Abbey, with events being beamed onto big screens for the public to see.

A flypast with a Spitfire, a Hurricane, a Dakota and Royal Navy Swordfish will also occur, with the Bombers going out with a current RAF Typhoon.

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