WWE Superstar John Cena Has No Chill As Intense Career Counsellor

cena career adviceFast Company

If you know anything of the Internet, you’ll know WWE superstar John Cena has a habit of showing up in unexpected places, but we never thought we’d see the 15-time world champ pop up as a career counsellor.

And in this case, we definitely can see John Cena, as a new viral video shows him channeling his famous pro-wrestling intensity in an attempt to make people better workers, Mashable reports.

The hilarious parody video comes courtesy of Fast Company – a business and innovation brand for whom John Cena has been a conference guest speaker in the past – and features Cena bringing out his inner David Brent to inspire those who come to him for career advice – albeit a more jacked and intense version.

The debate about what constitutes art with one office worker is particularly inspired, although as he screams ‘hang me in the motherfuckin’ Guggenheim,’ it’s very clear that big match John is struggling to keep a straight face throughout. Can’t blame him really…

In his recent ventures outside of wrestling, it’s become clear that Cena is a really funny guy when the shackles of the WWE machine are off him – take his amazing turn in Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck, for example, or his great appearance at the ESPY awards last weekend, or doing the unexpected John Cena prank in real life.

And long may it continue, we say. Everything this guy touches outside of the ring turns to gold right now!