WWII Shooter Battalion 1944 Has Amazing Stretch Goals Announced


A couple of weeks ago, most people hadn’t even heard of Battalion 1944. Now, the world and his dog are champing at the bit for more info on the next-gen, WWII shooter. Today, we’ve got some pretty juicy info on the game’s stretch goals.

Developers Bulkhead Interactive have released a gorgeous new video alongside their goals to build upon the game, provided fans stump up the cash. Alongside the new factions, maps and weapons that people were expecting, there’s also potential for a single player campaign to be added in, although Bulkhead have stressed the lofty goal of £1,200,000 is because they want to get it right.

They say:

Good single player campaigns aren’t cheap to make, there’s no ‘add single player’ button for us; it would cost a lot of time and money to make, hence the large funding goa

The first stretch goal of £225,000 – which was to hire a full time community manager – has already been hit. The next was £250,000 for enhanced particle effects for sweet smoke and explosions, which was hit today. At £275,000, a Currahee Mountain Bootcamp map will be added in homage to the Band of Brothers TV show, and £300,000 will see a D-Day inspired multiplayer map.

The rest of stretch goals are as follow:

£325,000 – British forces join the fight. This will include character sets and weapons like the Lee-Enfeild bolt action rifle and the Sten sub-machine gun
£350,000 – More cosmetic items
£400,000 – Eastern front (including Russian soldiers and weapons) added, including PPSh-41 gun
£500,000 – “Behind Enemy Lines” offline mode (fight against waves of enemy AI)
£600,000 – Pacific Theater added (“Fight the Japanese across maps set in the Pacific, South-East Asia, and in China”)
£1,200,000 – Single-player campaign

If you fancy getting a piece of the war time pie, you’ll be able to grab a copy of Battalion 1944 for £15 through the kickstarter here, unless you’re feeling fancy and have the cash to burn, in which case, get us that single player campaign!