X-Factor Slammed For Cringeworthy ‘Staged’ Audition


While most everything about the X-Factor is laughable this clip from the latest season is one of the saddest attempts at manufactured drama I’ve ever seen, and I like Geordie Shore.

In a clip that would make Danny Dyer blush with how bad the acting is, an allegedly desperate singer Kirsty Murphy breaks into a girl band’s audition crying about how she’s not going to have time to sing.

Interesting that she comes into the room mic’d up, but whatever.

Of course the good-hearted Simon Cowell and his three other generic c-list celebrity judges decided that Kirsty would be allowed to perform and she was naturally brilliant, cue the Coldplay track.

Kirsty then received four yeses and was allowed to progress to the next round of the competition, which inevitably ends with her singing Karaoke in my local pub shout out to the Bricklayers Arms.

Audiences were less than impressed with ITV’s attempt to inject life into the dead cash cow that is X-Factor and took to Twitter to express their outrage.

Some pointed out X-Fact’s previous form…

Others just wallowed in the pure cringe…


But it was Benny who pointed out that X-Factor has a security issue…

Unfortunately the TV equivalent of your high school talent show’s still a popular programme apparently so we can expect more of this nonsense in the years to come.

And there was me hoping it’d do a Big Brother and go to where telly programmes go to die, Channel Five…