Xbox Boss Weighs In On Leaked GoldenEye 360 Footage

by : Ewan Moore on : 25 Aug 2016 11:16

maxresdefaultmaxresdefaultEarlier in the week, a large chunk of footage surfaced online for what was claimed to be an Xbox 360 version of the N64 gem GoldenEye 007

The footage looked pretty cool, and kind of bummed everybody out since such a port never saw the light of the day. Check out the footage just below, if you haven’t already.


Now, Xbox boss Phil Spencer himself has come out and acknowledged the footage. One curious fan asked on Twitter if such a game was ever seriously in development for Xbox 360.

Spencer didn’t confirm or deny, but he did point out that getting GoldenEye has ‘always’ been a rights issue – perhaps implying that this wasn’t the first time Microsoft and Xbox had tried to get the popular FPS on one of their machines.

You can see the Tweet for yourself below.


Certainly, this tallies with reports from Unseen 64who claimed that in the case of GoldenEye 360, a publishing deal was agreed upon between Microsoft, Activision, and Nintendo.

However, Nintendo got cold feet and reportedly shut the project down just months before its planned release, for unknown reasons.

We may never get a new console port of GoldenEye, but a group of fans have spent years working on a multiplayer PC update called Source, and it looks as good as anything Nintendo or Microsoft were likely to give us.

Could we ever see a GoldenEye for the Xbox One or Nintendo NX? Time will tell. God knows poor Bond hasn’t been in any decent games since the N64 version.

Ewan Moore

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