Xbox One S Goes Portable With This Awesome Mod


The Xbox One S hasn’t been out for that long, but one clever tinkerer has already created a portable laptop mod for the slimmed-down system. 

Pro modder Edward Zarick has created some incredible Xbox One and PlayStation 4 laptops before now, and the new video showing off his Xbook One S laptop mod shows that it’s as impressive as his past work.

Obviously the Xbox One S is smaller than the Xbox One (by 40 percent), so Zarick’s new creation is a touch leaner and more portable than his original Xbook.

The mod features a 19-inch Samsung HDTV, with a resolution of 720p. Zarick apparently ‘had a hard time finding any LCD at that size with 1080p’. 4K support is also still available, but you’d need to plug into a TV to enjoy that feature.

Beyond that, the Xbook One S basically works exactly as an Xbox One S would normally – check out the video demo below.

Despite being a laptop, the Xbook One S isn’t battery-powered unfortunately – Zarick said that ‘it would end up making this system heavy and not giving you much play time if I added batteries inside’.

For more details on the system and how it was made head over to Zarick’s blog.

If you’re interested in buying one for yourself, pricing starts at $1,495 (about £1,157) for the 500 GB system and $1,545 (£1,196) for the 1 TB model. Head to Zarick’s website to learn more.