Xbox One S Hides An Awesome Secret



The Xbox One S is now among us, and it comes with a genuinely awesome little Easter egg tucked away inside the console’s innards. 

It transpires that Halo’s very own Master Chief is lurking within the Xbox One S – not a pint sized version of the character himself (obviously), but a small etching of the Microsoft mascot.

However, the only way to visit to this minuscule Master Chief is to take the console apart. Unless you know what you’re doing and/or don’t mind voiding your warranty, then PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS.

Seriously, it’s not worth ripping a console apart just to see where the videogame characters live – that sounds like the kind of thing someone on acid would try and do.

Anyway, YouTuber Austin Evans has put together a video so we don’t have to. He takes the Xbox One S apart and gives it a good go over – check it out below.

Evans said:

I have to give Microsoft mad props for this.

The power supply, the cables are nice and neat, the hard drive is nice and compact.

Almost no one is ever going to look at what the inside of an Xbox One S looks like.

The Xbox One S was recently released as the sleeker alternative to the relatively cumbersome Xbox One, though potential buyers should be aware that Microsoft plan to bring out the more powerful 4K ready Xbox Scorpio in 2017.

I suppose what you really have to ask yourself is – will the Xbox Scorpio have a Master Chief hidden inside? These are the real questions.