Xbox Ultimate Game Sale Kicks Off Tomorrow, Here’s What’s On



If the Steam Sale hasn’t already decimated your account until next payday, Xbox’s Ultimate Game Sale kicks off tomorrow (July 5) and has some pretty sweet deals. 

Available until July 11, the Ultimate Game Sale features around 250 deals on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles, plus discounts on Windows 10 games and Xbox One consoles.

For a full rundown of tasty discounts, you can go here, but I’ll provide you with a few of the most notable bargains on offer.

I’ll be going through the standard discounts – but I should point out that Xbox Live members can save an additional 10% on any offer.

If you’re after adventure, the fantastic Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be reduced by 40%, while the game and season pass together are 33% off.

But if you’re bored of the third Witcher adventure, Assassins of Kings is discounted by 75% as a backwards compatible title. If you’re curious for more Geralt action, now seems as good a time as any.

Meanwhile, the excellent 2013 Tomb Raider reboot is 65% off, as is the brilliantly brutal Shadow of Mordor.

If you’re after something a little more action-packed, DC fighting game Injustice is 65%, Left 4 Dead 2 is 40%, and Borderlands: The Pre Sequel is 57%.

Other standout titles include the relatively fresh FIFA 16 and Dark Souls III (both 10%), The Division and Battlefront at 25%, and Fallout 4’s deluxe edition at 40%

Once again, Xbox Live members can add a generous 10% to any of those discounts. All in all, it looks like a pretty sweet sale.


There’s way more to see in the sale anyway, so if nothing I’ve pointed out takes your fancy, just grab the full list from here and start planning how you’re gonna afford to eat this month.