Xena: Warrior Princess Could Be Coming Back To Our TV Screens



Xena: Warrior Princess could be on it’s way back to TV.

Happy days!

The breast-plated wonder was huge in the 90s.

A strong female lead for the girls, and a sexy woman for the pre-internet era young lads, Lucy Lawless played the lead character in the swashbuckling adventure show.


Rumours have been circulating of a ‘modern reboot’ of the Hercules spin-off, that Lawless has played down.

But the Hollywood Reporter posted last night saying that it’s in the works at NBC.

The original producers Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi are apparently on board, but it’s not yet known what role, if any, Lawless will be taking.


I hope it does go ahead. The X Files is on it’s way back, so why not have Xena? All we need is Saved By The Bell and it’s a trio of my first crushes back on screen!