Year Nine Banter Is Back And It’s Better Than Ever

adsssYear 9 Banter

I’m sure by now the epicentre of humour everywhere, Year Nine Banter‘s Twitter page, needs no introduction – but it could be worth noting that the account is still just as funny as ever. 

Year Nine is the fourteen year old’s equivalent to the age of enlightenment – a time when you have to consider your GCSE options, get paralytic drunk on White Lightning at the school field, and debate whether you can afford 40 quid for an American Apparel hoodie – I never could.


Luckily, when I was in Year Nine, some many moons ago, my generation’s embarrassing antics weren’t caught on camera and shared for all the world to see.

But according to the Huffington Post, life ain’t so easy nowadays. Even so, I don’t think I was ever as mental as this lot are.

Here’s some of favourite recent Year Nine Banter pics…

Seven minutes is all it takes:

pokeYear 9 Banter / Twitter

But nine minutes is nothing compared to 7am drinks:

7aYear 9 Banter

Never give in to peer pressure this easily…

0e75eaae-859a-4eab-8409-ce086dd15964Year 9 Banter / Twitter

This is my personal favourite. Top bants:

a7c17455-8c93-4c99-925a-d209597979b8Year 9 Banter

Year Nine was full of ‘absolute legends’:

gabYear 9 Banter

And then there’s just crazy kids like these:

lethYear 9 Banter

But then this fella came along (who is definitely, definitely not in Year 9):

raYear 9 Banter

And finally there was this connoisseur of all things funny:

hhhYear 9 Banter

Personally, that was just too much banter for me.