You Can Buy Bubble Wrap You Can’t Pop And That Is Depressing

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It might be a Friday, but after reading this, the feelgood element will be long gone.

Bubble wrap is set to become unpoppable. Yes, you read the devastating news correctly. Everyone’s favourite popping wrapper will no longer be as fun, just more functional, as company Sealed Air have created a version of bubble wrap without the pop. Killjoys.

pop gif

The new invention will be called iBubble, and while it sounds like a pretty exciting name, the fact that it does not pop makes it an instant loser in my book. Manufacturers might not agree, however, with the design being far more cost effective for vendors. But who cares about cost effectiveness when you can’t pop it?!

Thankfully, the new invention will not come straight into place, so you can pop that bubble wrap for a bit longer, but one day soon it will, with it costing less to ship, taking up less space in stores and warehouses and being more environmentally friendly.