You Can Buy Stairs To Help Your Dog Get Onto Your Bed

Dog stairsOrvis/Pexels

There’s nothing quite like snuggling up in bed at the end of a busy day, the weight of your dog’s soft head against your feet.

Everything about letting your dog snooze on your duvet is comforting, from their sleepy little sighs to their morning Yoga stretches.

Non dog-loving friends are quite often openly repulsed when I admit to letting my dog sleep on my bed (“Doesn’t he like rolling around in fox poo?” “Doesn’t he eat out of the bin?”).

But smelly and fart-filled as he might be, I love having my pup sleeping close to me, paws kicking slightly as he dreams of endless sticks being tossed around the biggest, muddiest park imaginable.

I know I’m not alone in allowing my fluffy best friend to treat my bed like a giant dog basket. However, some dogs have difficulties accessing their owner’s sleepyplace, meaning they are missing out on some premium nighttime cuddles.

This could be because of their preciously tiny legs, arthritis, or because they no longer have the playful vigour of their puppyhood.

Whatever the reason, all dogs should have the same opportunity for shared snoozes, and this is where lightweight foam steps – allowing your pooch to trot up to the mattress – would be ideal.

Online retailer Orvis are selling such a product, helping to give pampered dogs a ‘leg up’:

These sturdy conventional-foam steps promise support and solid footing for your dogs as they climb on and off of the bed or sofa.

A great solution for older dogs with stiff joints or arthritis, or smaller breeds who cannot get on or off the bed without your help.

This lightweight foam ramp is easy for you to move in and out of place, and the durable microvelvet cover removes easily for washing.

The staircase is intended for dogs weighing up to 75kg – so perhaps not ideal for your St. Bernard – with each step having a 5″ rise and a 6″ run.

At £159, this adorable yet practical (yes, practical!) set of steps comes in a decor friendly shade of brown tweed. And plenty of customers have been left barking with delight, in the form of online reviews that is.

One happy reviewer commented:

Our 13 year old Shiba Inu was having trouble getting on and off bed, and would cry to wake us up for help. Now she gets on and off by herself, loves the independence, and we get more sleep.

Another said:

The stairs are perfect for our cavaliers, one who has had spinal surgery and residual weakness. It stops them waking me up to get on and off the bed, so we all get more sleep.

Here’s to a good night sleep for comfort conscious puppers and their humans alike. No more scratching at the side of the bed begging to be allowed up!

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