You Can Buy This Entire Australian Town For Less Than A London Flat

town4Julie Sutton

Can’t afford a house? You can buy this whole Australian town, instead.

For less than a central London apartment, you can move into the entire town of Allie’s Creek in Monogorilby, Queensland.

The town consists of 16 homes with wrap around balconies, roads, street lights, a power depot, water purification plant, a dam, and a phone line to each home.

town2Julie Sutton

It’s actually a decommissioned saw mill, complete with sheds and all the machinery to put it back in business. A pretty perfect place if you’re not a city person or just fancy a go at being a lumberjack.

And you can have it all for $750,000 – or just under £380,000.

Yup, that’s less than your average London home.

According to Rightmove, the majority of London houses sold last year were way above Allie’s Creek asking price.


They wrote on their website:

Last year most property sales in London involved flats which sold for on average £476,450.

Terraced properties sold for an average price of £615,721, while semi-detached properties fetched £602,084.

Basically, you could buy an entire town for half the price of a semi-detached in London.

Around half of the homes in Allie’s Creek are currently occupied by renting tenants, but the town’s owner told Mashable that the town is a perfect spot for a music festival, a caravan site or a retreat.

town1Julie Sutton

She said:

It’s only been used as a place for rental income so far, but it’s a complete small town with all the roads made, including a hall for functions … there’s just so much that’s possible.

It’s a mini-town, it’s unbelievable.

According to Mashable, the owner has received quite a bit of interest since it went up online – which isn’t surprising given it’s bargain price.

So if you’d like a change of location and an entire town to yourself, you’d better hurry up before it’s gone.