You Can Catch Criminals In A Net Now, As This Hilarious Advert Shows

Trande X/YouTube

Say hello to the Super Talon Ultra Net Launcher Kit – the handy non-lethal way to stop criminals in their tracks.

The Japanese have gone and done it again. This amazing device, that definitely would not fit conveniently in your back pocket, deploys a weighted net which ensnares would-be attackers. The user can then sit back and wait for assistance.

Based on the advert for the self-defense gadget, that assistance is most likely going to be germophobic police with large grabbing devices, so they don’t have to touch any fugitives directly.

Check it out:


I’m not entirely sure what has happened since this advert aired, but according to Amazon it’s now meant for use on birds and rodents as a humane trap.


But at $1,999.99 plus $4.95 for shipping (roughly £1,403) I’d hope it would be able to take down human intruders too.


Kieron Curtis

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