You Can Get 10 Days Holiday This Christmas By Only Booking Three Off

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You could be getting a whopping 10 days off this Christmas, and all you have to do is book three off.

Because of the way Christmas falls this year, some people will be able to finish work on December 23 and not return until January 3. And it all starts with 2016 blessing us with a calendar that has Christmas Eve and Christmas Day on a weekend.

So if you book your holidays off right, you’ll be able to enjoy 10 whole days of stuffing your face in your underwear and not moving.


How? Well, the 25th of December is classed as a bank holiday and because it falls on a Sunday, it will be carried over to Tuesday, December 27 this year – the day after Boxing Day, which is also a bank holiday.

Then, New Year’s Eve and New Years Day fall on the weekend. And because New Year’s Day is a bank holiday, it’ll be carried over to Monday, January 2.

So to enjoy the extended break in between, you just need to book December 28 to 30 off – and voila, you have 10 days straight to do what you like.


Confused? Here’s a breakdown:

Friday, December 23: Normal working day

Christmas Eve: Saturday

Christmas Day: Sunday

Boxing Day: Monday – Bank holiday

Tuesday, December 27: Bank holiday (carried over from Christmas Day)

Wednesday, December 28: Normal working day

Thursday, December 29: Normal working day

Friday, December 30: Normal working day

New Year’s Eve: Saturday

New Year’s Day: Sunday

Monday, January 2: Bank holiday (carried over from New Year’s Day)

Tuesday, January 3: Normal working day


Mind you, this only works for people who don’t work on the weekend and actually have bank holidays off. Unfortunately, that leaves most retail workers, journalists and emergency service workers out.

But for everyone else, enjoy!