You Can Now Buy A Suitcase With Your Best Friend’s Face On

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If you’re like me you like the finer things in life but you can’t afford them because of financial obligations.

You’d love to have your own custom Louis Vitton luggage but life keeps throwing spanners in the wheel, so you have to settle for normal, run-of-the-mill baggage. However, there is one way you can stand out while you sit there at departures as your flight to Magaluf is delayed by another three hours. You can get your best mate’s face plastered on your luggage.

Why you’d want to have your best mate’s mug on your luggage, I’ll never know why. Is this a new level of banter I am not privy to? If so leave me out of it. But if that’s what you want there’s an online store which provides said service.

personal suitcaseFirebox

The London-based online-retailer have dubbed it the Head Case (genius), as they use your friend’s beautiful face as the canvas for the luggage, therefore making it easier for you to identify.

The only way someone can ‘mistakenly’ take your suitcase is if your friend has a long-lost twin they never knew about and you both happen to be at the same airport – sounds like a good movie actually.

And the picture doesn’t have to be your best pal’s face – if you’re of the narcissistic variety you can upload a picture of yourself, your pet, a family member, your ex-sworn enemy or even a celebrity you’re obsessed with.

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Just bear in mind if you do pick a celeb’s and you happen to meet them at the airport with their face all over your luggage, I guarantee it’ll be 100 per cent awkward.

Also, I don’t want to be ‘that guy’ but they’re not the most fashionable of travel accessory, are they? But if looking stylish is low on your list of priorities, (I bet you wear Crocs), then these quirky suitcase designs will be right up your alley.

To find out more on how you get your mug on your luggage head over to Firebox.

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