You Can Now Buy Car Air Fresheners With Your Best Mate’s Face On


What’s the first thing you want to see in the rear-view mirror of your car?

Police lights? Screaming kids in the backseat? Maybe a picture of Jesus? If you come from a Catholic background you’ll know what I mean!

Neither of those things. What you really want to see is your best mate’s picture hanging from the rear-view mirror.

Call it a daily reminder of your friendship, as you lovingly look into their gaze.

Well, the good folks at Firebox have come up with the perfect car ornament, called Fresh Face.

It allows you to proudly display your friendship and furthermore, it’s not just a picture, but it also doubles up as an air freshener, so it’ll probably be the only time your best mate will ever have a decent odour too.

On the Firebox website it states:

Sometimes the only memory of a slightly fuzzy evening can be the awkwardly long and sickening taxi ride home.

Whilst choosing if your head should be perched out the window or lolled in between your legs, you wonder: ‘what the fudge is that smell?!’. [sic]

You look up and see a mega-mix of Magic Tree’s hanging from the rear view mirror and that weird stain on floor. You swiftly leave the cab giving them a 1 star. You’ve had enough of its eau-de-‘toilet’. [sic]

Luckily, Fresh Face is your air-freshening hero and it’s here to save your smelly old day. Gone are the worries of your motor smelling of last nights takeaway or that incident that got a bit sweaty on the backseat.

Our selection of scents will simply make your nose-gasm: Bacon, Coffee, Fresh Linen, Island Breeze, and of course…that New Car smell.

Once you’ve picked your parfum simply click on ‘personalised’ to adorn your fresheners with a few faces and we’ll do the rest.

Make sure they’re high quality, zoomed in nice and close, and that you’ve pulled the gurn of your life. One face will cover each side so both drivers and passers by can enjoy your weird choice in car accessories.

If you fancy having your friends’ face dangling from the rearview as you inhale their signature smell (which hopefully isn’t the aroma of backseat passenger farts), then head over to the Firebox website where they’re selling Fresh Face for $14.99 in sets of three.

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