You Can Now Buy His And Hers Elf Pyjamas In Time For Christmas

New Line Cinema

Somehow, October is nearly over and Christmas is edging closer and closer as the clock ticks by.

Soon you’ll be cuddling up on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket, getting drunk off mulled wine, eating as much chocolate as you possibly can, while watching whatever rubbish is on the television.

Perfect for the festive season, is a brand new soft pair of pyjamas, something which will keep you warm during those cold winter nights.


Christmas themed PJs are of course necessary and so these Elf pyjamas from B&M really are just perfect.

What makes them even better is the fact these pyjamas come in both his and hers versions, meaning you can now be that matching couple everyone else seemingly hates at Christmas time.

It’s only October but these are already selling out fast in stores across the country, so you’ll have to be quick if you and your significant other want a pair.

B & M

Costing only £9.99 each, they really are bargains but unfortunately, they’re unavailable online, meaning you’ll have to track down your nearest store and pray they still have them in stock…and in your size.

According to The Mirror, B&M have confirmed there are currently still some pyjamas in stock across stores all over the UK – but let’s be honest, they’re not going to last long!

If you’re a fan of the hit film, starring Will Ferrell as Buddy The Elf, and who isn’t, then they really are a necessary purchase.

B & M

Both the his and hers sets feature an image of Ferrell’s adorable character, Buddy, but are slightly different.

The women’s set comes in white with patterned trousers and a top which has the line ‘OMG it’s Christmas’ from the hit film across it.

Meanwhile the men’s are a bit more subtle, comprising of a grey t-shirt and black bottoms.

New Line Cinema

This isn’t the first Christmas item B & M have popped onto their shelves which has got customers excited for the festive season.

People have also been going mad for their Pringles advent calendars, which are just as amazing as you could possibly imagine.

Costing only £7.99, these advent calendars count down the 12 days until Christmas with each one bringing you a 40g tub of Pringles – winner!

B & M

The flavours in the calendar include firm favourites, Texas BBQ Sauce, Salt & Vinegar, Sour Cream & Onion and Original.

Again, they’re only available in stores, but be quick! They’re so popular, there’s only limited stock left, so you’ll be lucky to find one.

However, if you can’t find one and still fancy a slice of the festive Pringles action, their limited edition pigs in blankets flavour is back on supermarket shelves.

A spokesperson for B&M spoke to The Mirror about their popular advent calendar saying:

We’re the only retailer on the high street to stock this product, we knew it would be popular but we didn’t expect it to start selling out across the country this quickly – people can’t get their hands on them fast enough.

People are so desperate to get their hands on one, calendars are even being flogged on eBay for over double the price – which hasn’t put you guys off! eBay

Christmas really is the craziest time of the year!