You Can Now Get Beer Delivered To Your Front Door By Your Milkman

by : Cameron Frew on : 17 Nov 2019 11:33
You Can Now Get Beer Delivered To Your Front Door By Your MilkmanYou Can Now Get Beer Delivered To Your Front Door By Your MilkmanPA

Milk and beer: the two founding fathers of breakfast. 


Nothing screams British suburbia more than a crisp, glass bottle of milk being delivered to your door every morning.

However, one dairy company is changing the game. That’s right, your milkman can now leave bottles of beer on your doorstep.

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I live in a block of flats, so having that liquid calcium hand-delivered to me during the week isn’t really an option (yes, I could get my shopping delivered via Tesco or Asda etc, but it’s not the same).


Milk deliveries aren’t as common as they used to be: what used to be standard procedure for households across the country can seem like a rarity for some.

Facing years of declining sales, dairy giant Milk & More came up with an ingenious plan: offer 330ml bottles of low-alcohol lager, pale ale and brown ale along with people’s morning milk.

Milk & More Delivery MilkmanMilk & More Delivery MilkmanPA

Up until the 1970s, nearly everyone had milk delivered. But, then came the supermarkets, with cheaper milk and plastic bottles, essentially choking out the local competition.

But, as Bob Dylan sang, the times they are a-changin’ – people aren’t quite as keen these days to invest in countless plastic cartons. Thousands are starting to make the switch back to glass in a small bid to help protect the planet.

Milk Carton Milk Carton PA

As per the Mirror Online, the number of doorstep drops has jumped from 800,000 a day to a million over the past two years.

It’s all good news for Milk & More, which uses electric carts to serve 500,000 homes. After being relaunched by German giant Müller last year, it has since linked up with Ipswich-based brewer Big Drop. For just £1.99 per bottle, you can get beer delivered by your milkman.


Dairy and grain – what a treat.

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