You Can Now Inhale Your Favourite Drinks At New London Cocktail Bar


Forget drinking – cocktail-lovers in London will now be able to actually inhale their favourite beverages thanks to the world’s first “alcoholic weather system for your tongue”.

The new concept means you don’t even have to lift a finger to get drunk, as spirits and mixers are turned into a fine “cocktail cloud” with the help of humidifiers in a new London bar.

Alcoholic Architecture’s “walk-in cloud bar” is the idea of food scientists Bompas and Parr, and allows visitors to absorb the drinks through their eyeballs and lungs in a “fully immersive alcohol environment”.

Apparently this means you’ll get drunk more quickly than usual, because the alcohol bypasses the liver – it takes around 40 minutes to inhale one very large drink in this way.

Humidity at the art installation will be around 140%, so customers will be asked to wear a special protective suit to help protect their clothing.

And they will be restricted to one visit per day, with each lasting no longer than an hour, because of the intense conditions.

One of the directors of the firm, Sam Bompas said:

We were working with respiratory scientists and chemists to calculate safe lengths of time that visitors can remain in the cloud. It’s a complex series of calculations taking in ratio of spirit to mixer, room size, number of people in the room, air change, lung capacity and rate of alcohol absorption.


There will also be wines and beers designed to complement the tastes in the air on offer at the bar, served in the usual glass-based form.

Alcoholic Architecture will be launched on July 31 at Borough Market, in London’s Southwark area, on the site of an ancient monastery, and will run for six months.

Each visit costs you £10 which actually sounds like a reasonable price for one drink in London, to be honest.