You Can Now Spend A Night In the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck


Love it or loathe it, the Coca-Cola truck has become as much a part of Christmas as Santa’s sleigh.

As soon as the bright red vehicle takes to the road, you know its time to crack open the Bailey’s and scream: ‘Its Christmaaasssss!’ Noddy Holder-style as you turn up your festive playlist.

And now you can spend a night in the iconic vehicle itself alongside your very best hibernation buddy, providing of course you are a true Christmas fanatic…


This really is the dream winter sleepover. Guests will stay in an adorably cosy twin bedroom – decked with a dazzling 8,772 fairy lights. A gorgeous Christmas tree and picturesque fireplace complete the winter hideaway backdrop.

The blissful evening will involve a scrumptious Christmas dinner – all washed down, of course, with Coca-Cola from the well stocked fridge.

Guests can then rest their groaning bellies in front of a selection of Christmas films before sleeping in the sweet, reindeer-patterned beds. Once fully rested, they will awaken to bulging stockings full of prezzies…

This all sounds fairytale-ish enough, but that isn’t all. Guests will be in for a day of celeb treatment, including a delish Christmas breakfast and London Eye tickets. Genuinely magical.


For a chance to win, you just need to head over to and explain why there is no greater Christmas fan than you.

You will be the type of person who starts getting the tinsel out in June. You jump up and down at the mere mention of Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas, and your diet is essentially hot chocolate and mince pies.

The only way this evening could get more magical is if Father Christmas himself stopped by to share a sherry and a cracker joke.

Potential guests will also have to make sure to be completely free Friday December 15, 2017 – cancelling any pantomime, ice skating or gingerbread house building appointments.

Oh, and you will be staying in a top secret location somewhere in central London, which is even more exciting when you consider how expensive it usually is for a night away in the capital.

The Coca-Cola truck is currently making its way around the UK, spreading cheer and free fizzy pop.

However, not everybody is happy about the coke-based Christmas tradition, believing the truck promotes obesity.

According to the Liverpool Echo, Liberal Democrats leader on Liverpool City Council Cllr Richard Kemp has written to Liverpool One bosses to request the truck be turned away:

I believe that the visit by Coca Cola should not take place

You only have to look around you to see that Liverpool is in the grip of an obesity epidemic – 30 per cent of our 11 years olds are obese with about five per cent being clinically obese.

Up to 60 per cent of our adults are obese and many of them clinically obese – we must take action to deal with this because the consequences are alarming.

Good luck to all the Christmas elves out there who would love nothing more than to snuggle up in this cosy truck…